Step 1: Establishing an address through a mail receiving and redirection service. We can:

  • Hold your post for you to collect
  • Telephone you upon receipt of post, you to collect
  • Forward your post to a nominated address (S.A.E.’s to be supplied)

Step 2: Establishing a new telephone landline. We can:

  • Receive telephone calls on one of our existing telephone lines and forward messages to you daily
  • Dedicate an available or a new telephone line to you and receive telephone calls answered in your name or a nominated name and forward messages daily


£30 per calendar month (P.C.M.) up to 30 calls plus the cost of the line rental and installation. Higher call volumes by quotation.

Step 3: Establishing a new bank account

We only recommend two bank accounts for this purpose. These accounts can be opened the same day with no credit checks or references, but including a direct debit and credit transfer facility. Fee £40.

Step 4: Secure document storage and retrieval service

This service enables private, sensitive and commercial paperwork to be removed and stored away from the matrimonial home. Documents may be supplied in a security safe deposit box (provided by the client). This service is not suitable for items of high commercial value. For these items please see step 6 below.

A retrieval service requires 48 hours notice other than in exceptional circumstances for which the company reserves the right to raise an additional fee.

£10 P.C.M. plus £5 per retrieval visit plus any delivery charge if we have to deliver to you.

Step 5: Remote storage facility

These facilities are located within storage premises rented by us, in our company name. There are no credit searches against the client. No references are required. Your details are not entered into any database. The client is therefore guaranteed complete anonymity. We have facilities within 1 hour of Central London in secure remote locations with 24 hour security. We can accommodate various client requirements – anything from a secure filing cabinet to cars, boats, caravans and household furniture. We can provide shared or entire 20 or 40 foot containers. Access is 7am to 8pm and unless the client has a container exclusively, then 48 hours retrieval or inspection notice is required, other than in exceptional circumstances for which the company reserves the right to raise an additional fee. Due to the variety of clients requirements Fees will be agreed on a case by case basis. Terms and conditions apply.

Step 6: Pre-payment cards

Unregistered pre-cards up to £400 (not top-up) for small secure and anonymous payments.

Step 7: Messenger / Courier service

Personal Use

from £16 month
  • Step 1
  • 3 Months Rent - £66
  • 6 Months Rent - £120
  • 12 Months Rent - £192
  • Start-up Free - £25

Business Use

from £24 month
  • Step 1
  • 3 Months - £90
  • 6 Months Rent - £162
  • 12 Months Rent - £288
  • Start-up Free - £25