Assets to cash service – we are affiliated to a lending company who will lend at short notice against clients assets (cars, boats, caravans, valuables not properties) up to £500,000.

Expert independent valuations with a high percentage loan to asset ratio which can be arranged in as little as 48 hours.For those clients who need to convert assets to cash for maximum percentage value,we will make an introduction and oversee the paperwork.

Loans are non-status so no income proof is required.No credit checks are carried out.The cash is received direct by the client who may then use any of our other services to place funds in a secure location.

The asset itself is stored in a secure location thus giving the client the additional benefit of being the only marital partner, with knowledge of the location of the asset.

Upon the conclusion of the loan period and loan settlement, the asset is then released back to the client and delivered to any reasonable preferred location.

Introduction fee £ 200.

Equity release scheme – the matrimonial home and the second property

This service is available to clients aged over 55 years of age.We are affiliated to a company that will facilitate a speedy release of equity on the matrimonial home or the second home in a pre-divorce context ,thereby reducing the equity value in an asset registered in your sole name.

We have in – principle arrangements in place for equity up to 65 % of property valuation.This includes a no negative equity release.We will oversee the paperwork which is quick and efficient with valuations generally arranged within 7 days.

Introduction fee £175