Special Cases


We also deal with special cases. In some limited circumstances, it may be possible for the client to end up with all or most assets in a secure and untouchable location.

Sometimes this happens.

In such cases the client may be reluctant to be served with divorce / dissolution papers at all, but maay, in principle be content that a decree absolute (final order) / dissolution be granted.

Generally this can only occur if the client provides the other side with an address for service.

Problems can then arise whereby the client receives more than just the divorce / dissolution petition and there may well follow service of papers of a financial nature including injunctions and disclosure orders.

In some cases we can offer clients an off-shore address for service in a jurisdiction not subject to U.K. service laws.

We can control both through distance and legal jurisdiction, the exposure of the client to legal service, but still enable the client to file an acknowledgement of service to the divorce / dissolution petition enabling the petitioner to proceed to decree absolute / dissolution.

We arrange the collection of post in the foreign jurisdiction and the re-sending of post back to the U.K. (usually to us) for forwarding to you.

It is possible for the client to have off-shore post sent directly to them but we do not recommend this (P.O.A. – terms and conditions apply).

The Problem Solicitor

Some clients are unfortunately already in serious difficulties when they consult us with a variety of solicitor complaints including excessive costs, delays, poor communication and unnecessary work and complications.

We will review your file and consider all matters including standards of professional care and solicitors conduct.We are firm and forceful in the pursuit of clients complaints