Privacy Statement

Our service depends upon confidentiality. It is our policy to keep your instructions and business confidential. We do not store any of our clients information at our offices.

We will never hand over or share your information with other parties without your prior written authority. The only exception to this is some authorities such as H. M. Customs and Excise can legally force us to hand over documents and information. If this happens we will inform you immediately.

With the exclusion of the above, the client can be assured of complete protection from debt collectors, bailiffs, court officials or private investigators. In our experience, many of these people are operating outside of the law and are not entitled to the information they so brazenly demand.

We are robust and determined in protecting your privacy, but the pre-divorce client must be aware of third party disclosure orders. If your partner becomes aware that you have been using our services (and this can only be as a result of carelessness by the client) then your partner’s solicitor can within the divorce process apply to the court for a third party disclosure order requiring our files. We will always oppose any such application. No information is stored at our office and therefore is incapable of physical seizure. We will liaise discreetly with our client to defeat any such claim. This will involve you in avoidable expense. Please take all appropriate steps to protect yourself and read the section ‘7 Preliminary Steps’.