Welcome to a new service dedicated to financial pre-planning for divorce and for the protection, the placement and the preservation of the client’s assets against future Divorce Proceedings, Mental Incapacity and Death.

Our aim is to make available to all and particularly to “the squeezed middle” a range of pre-emptive measures including trust options that reduce and in some cases, eliminate altogether, a future liability to Divorce Financial Settlement, Residential Care Home Fees and Inheritance Tax.

We can fashion a strategy through the connected use of Wills, Lifetime Trust Settlements (Flexible Life Interest and Discretionary types), Will Trusts, Inheritance Tax Planning, Powers of Attorney, Trust Declarations, Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements with prudent and effective pre-divorce planning.

Whether, in the context of a new relationship, you wish to protect your interest in a house, or to preclude occupation rights of a cohabiting Partner over a shared residence, or to protect a small inheritance from any future divorce action or to ringfence assets in your Will for children of a previous marriage/relationship, we can help you.

We can assist you in preparing a Will that takes into account your concerns as to any of your prospective beneficiaries including potential risks of bankruptcy, profligacy and risk of future divorce so that on your death your estate is protected against such risks and ends up benefiting your family not their creditors or ex-spouses.

All of the above services have been available to the wealthy for generations.

We offer these same principles and structures, often in a scaled down version that is relevant, proportionate and cost effective to individual circumstances.

We are available to work for a section of the population that has never before had the opportunity (or perhaps the need) to shelter private or family assets from ever more avaricious and pervasive taxes and regulation. We can help you combat the ravages of a legal system increasingly loaded against the frugal and the entrepreneurial.

We can also conduct an overview of the entire situation of your immediate family and prepare a strategy for maximum family protection. We consider your financial situation aiming to reduce or eliminate the impact of care home fees.

The Lasting Power of Attorney has been entered into by many Parties whom were persuaded to appoint other family members as attorney over their assets, only for this to be regretted at a later date after those assets have passed into the hands of the Attorney.

We can review these cases and where appropriate challenge any breach of trust suffered by the elderly and the vulnerable in a robust and intelligent way through notices of revocation, objection and complaint.

We offer a range of supporting services to Clients including the provision of a private mailing address, secure message and telephone answering facilities leading to the opening of a new bank account.

Utilising our document storage and remote storage facilities together with our asset conversion and equity release schemes, it is possible to create a framework for the gradual separation of assets and commercial activities from the matrimonial context.
With restricted legal aid availability and spiralling solicitors costs affecting most of our clients, we always ensure that our costs are reasonable.

We will assist in the resolution of financial dispute within divorce/dissolution and make all efforts to help to negotiate a financial settlement on your behalf leading to a court application for a final financial order by consent.

If this is not possible (and it takes two sides to negotiate) then as a result of the withdrawal of legal aid for financial disputes in divorce, we will assist you with a any contested financial dispute at a fraction of solicitors rates under our McKenzie Friend Divorce Service.

We are always focused on finding a cost effective solution for our Clients. We work in-house but occasionally work in conjunction with a small number of tried and tested outside agencies including Mortgage Brokers, Investigating Accountants and Direct Access Barristers providing a total service offering cost-effective pre-divorce planning and divorce solutions at a fraction of solicitors rates.

Our telephone advice line is designed to support our services at every stage in an accessible and affordable way.

We will help you prepare a strategy for the circumstances of your case and will provide support, as much and for as long as you need us. We will provide you with a unique file code which must be protected by the Client, as this information constitutes our authority to discuss your case on the telephone.

We refer you to our Privacy Statement which we treat as a code of practice.

Why Not A Solicitor Now?

A solicitor is bound by duties and codes of practice. He/she is further encumbered by reporting obligations to a variety of regulatory bodies. The cumulative effect of these onorous responsibilities are considerable.

Furthermore, once an appointed solicitor is at the beginning of the case supplied by the client with all the client’s financial details, in spite of the solicitors duty of confidentiality to you, the solicitor is fixed with that information and cannot then prepare any documents other than in strict compliance with your original financial disclosures.

With us, not only are legal costs kept to a minimum but complete control is retained over your case.

We combine both experience and an innovative approach to our Clients cases. We are not bound by any codes of practice (save our own) but we will be in compliance with the general law.

We never try to rush you into any decision. You take your time with us. We will review your situation together with you and then we will make a recommendation in writing. Any decision you make, you do at your leisure.

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